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Dr. Nina Pregont, D.N. photo Dr. Nina earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in biology from Loyola University in Chicago in 1981. She then continued her education in small animal clinical nutrition and has worked as a small animal clinical nutritionist for over twenty years. Dr. Nina is the staff nutritionist at TOPS Veterinary Rehabilitation in Grayslake Illinois where she provides nutritional guidance in general and for the nutritional need of patients with cancer, diabetes, renal and hepatic diseases, allergies, weight problems, post operative recovery and for peak athletic performance.

Dr. Nina realized that her interests went far beyond working in nutrition with small animals. At this point furthering her education was key and expanding to treat humans as well as dogs and cats became her focus. She graduated top of her class with a perfect grade point average from National College of Naprapathic Medicine in 2013.

Doctor's of Naprapathy are neuromyologists or better known as a connective tissue specialist. Dr. Nina is skilled in Naprapathic manipulative techniques. Knowing exactly which technique to use to get the correct release of tissue to restore balance and relieve pain. Dr. Nina's colleagues are often quoted as saying "she has some of the best hands in the business".

Of course nutrition is a large part of what Dr. Nina does. The saying garbage in garbage out is one she applies often. If what you eat is not the best, then how can your body become the best if the building blocks you give it are bad? Dr. Nina focuses on nutritional lifestyle and on making improvements both immediate and long lasting. She is a big believer in what Hippocrates said about food. "Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food". Dr. Nina looks at everyone who comes to her as whole person and tries to root out the complete cause of their problem, not just treat the symptoms. This is her core philosophy. She believes in medicine as a continuum, not eastern or western or traditional and alternative. Dr. Nina looks to find what is exactly right to help each of her patients heal.

When she is not seeing patients either human or canine she is often out lecturing or teaching. Education is the foundation of patient understanding and the first step on the road to healing and wellness. And when Dr. Nina is not the teacher, then she is known to love her continuing education courses and seminars and training opportunities. Her favorite hobby is learning something new that will help her, help her patients!

Dr. Nina grew up in the city of Chicago on the northwest side. She graduated from Notre Dame High School for Girls and then attended Loyola's Lakeshore campus. She is still just a city girl at heart and loves the ethnic neighborhoods and diversity of Chicago. Dr. Nina also is a lifelong Cub's fan and like all Cub's fan's lives in constant hope that "Wait till next Year" will someday become more than the futility that it is today.

Dr. Nina lives with her amazing husband Gary and her wonderful white German Shepherd Valiant. They are the true joys of her life and she loves spending time with them most of all.
Dr. Nina Pregont, D.N., 9 La Canada Place - Sandia Park, NM 87047-9696, 224.333.6501 - drnina@nenaprapathy.com